Art made practical, style made functional.

How We Got Started

From the year 2005 to 2011 there was a boutique called 'Haystack' in the heart of Brooklyn Heights, NY. For over 5 years she showcased unique gift items & furniture to all in the NYC area. 
With the name 'Brooklyn Barn' we pay homage to our beginnings at Haystack where the entrepreneurial spirit was cultivated. 

With the creation of Brooklyn Barn it's our goal to make art viable and practically appreciated to the average Joe on a day to day basis. Hence the tagline, "Art made practical. Style made functional." 

Three things you can expect with every product that is featured: 

  • 1. Cool & Creative-  Yes I know its actually 2, lol. but we consider them to really go hand in hand. By cool & creative it simply means whatever you get from BB is going to look good and be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 
  • 2. Original- The products featured through Brooklyn Barn will be always exclusively available only through BB, or very few other retailers will carry the same item. I believe originality and rarity will always bring value and true appreciation.
  • 3. Quality-  All items are not only guaranteed to be well made, but to be domestically manufactured. One of the issues I believe we have as a country, is that we don't make anything anymore. In my own small way I hope to make a difference with that by insuring all items are "made in the usa"
Despite the awkward acronym CCOQ (cock?) lol, I hope to encourage others to be the same when obtaining a product from Brooklyn Barn. 
Be a person that is Cool & creative, strive to look your best. 
Be a person that is Original, be that best you, you were created to be. 
Be a person of quality, be genuine and have integrity because they will shape your character.